What to do

In our resolve to see all of Bogota, Ivan and I took a transmilenio to the south of Bogota’s last week. As I have heard many things about the south (mostly bad) but have never actually gone, this area of… Read More ›

A Day at the Tailor’s

Because I have only one pair of pants that currently fits me despite my recent frappaccino craze (yay unintended weight loss!), yesterday afternoon I hit the backstreets behind my apartment in search of a tailor. I unfortunately can’t afford to… Read More ›

A Day at the Beauty Salon

This afternoon, three generations headed to the beauty salon: My grandmother, my mother and myself. The salon was creatively called “Hair and Care.” As my mother and I are undergoing dental surgery tomorrow, we decided to treat ourselves before the… Read More ›

Wilson Philips

My sister reminded me yesterday that when we were little, she, Kim and I used to pretend we were the singers from Wilson Philips. My sister was the cute blonde one. Kim was the attractive brunette. And who was I?… Read More ›