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On the Road

When you’re a kid, you are constantly blown away by what the earth  is capable of because you haven’t yet mastered the generalities of physics or geography. Things like geysers or presidents’ faces carved on the side of a mountain… Read More ›

An Update, in Pictures

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I’ve been working on this post for about 3.5 months…but just haven’t found the inspiration to finish it…until now. I’m babysitting tonight, the kids are asleep and I saw my friend  Courtney today… Read More ›


Yesterday was a great day. I discovered that my library lets you “read” six audible books a month for FREE! This means my audio book experience does not need to be confined to just my commute anymore. I can get… Read More ›

Tiny Houses and Simplified Living

I’ve always been fascinated by small, enclosed spaces. When I was little, I liked creating these miniature drawings of make-believe ladybug, fairy, leprechaun and elf worlds transpiring under ordinary mushrooms, flowers or blades of grass that towered over the tiny creatures they… Read More ›

Thank Goodness for Gary

I live in the Claremont Historic District (perhaps historic, but not exactly aesthetic) a small, hilly neighborhood of mostly tiny, brick ranch style homes built by an impressively uninspired architect in the late 1940s. The homes are modest because once… Read More ›