Really Stupid Things I’ve Done

There’s a lot of them.

Thank Goodness for Gary

I live in the Claremont Historic District (perhaps historic, but not exactly aesthetic) a small, hilly neighborhood of mostly tiny, brick ranch style homes built by an impressively uninspired architect in the late 1940s. The homes are modest because once… Read More ›

Aggressive Trees

I had a great start to my weekend. Yesterday my friends Rasha and Tamara met me at Taqueria el Poblano, a really tiny, apparently very popular Mexican place on Mount Vernon Avenue in Del Ray. Seriously, I had to wait… Read More ›


In an attempt to clean my keyboard, I removed all the keys, only to find I couldn’t put them back on. It’s really hard to type with no keys. The good news is I got all the dust. The bad… Read More ›

A Bad Day

Yesterday was not a good day. I spent Thursday evening drinking rum and eating arepas and chorizo from street vendors. I’m not sure if the rum or chorizo is the culprit, but the good news is I think I’ve lost… Read More ›

In a two week period I have managed to: 1.) Leave my purse on a bus and get my cash, passport and credit cards stolen. 2.) Miss my flight from Panama to Bogota 3.) Miss my flight from Bogota to… Read More ›