Serious Stuff

Occasionally I move away from the frivolous and superficial.


I was listening to This American Life during my morning walk and the episode I was listening to featured a segment about young Mexicans who grew up in the U.S and had to go back to Mexico for whatever reason…. Read More ›

As I am

I usually like sticking to the frivolous and superficial on my blog but a post I encountered today really made me think about the way I see myself — and how women in general see themselves. I’m trying to make… Read More ›


I was reading Slate the other day and came upon this article: The Wedding It’s a long article but I found it very touching. It’s a love story about two military guys who, despite traditional upbringings and previous straight relationships,… Read More ›

What to do

In our resolve to see all of Bogota, Ivan and I took a transmilenio to the south of Bogota’s last week. As I have heard many things about the south (mostly bad) but have never actually gone, this area of… Read More ›