The Urban Anthropologist Files

Interior Bike Lanes

According to my brother, most city bike paths in Copenhagen are on the inside of car parking lanes so that bikers feel safer. I was in D.C near the U-Street neighborhood this past Saturday and was surprised to see this… Read More ›

New Suburban Find: Mosaic District

Last night I met some friends for happy hour at Matchbox in the relatively new Mosaic District in the Fairfax/Falls Church/Merrifield area.  The original plan was to watch The Great Gatsby afterwards but this didn’t exactly pan out. I haven’t been able to pinpoint… Read More ›

Paeonian Springs

A few weeks ago, my dad and I biked the Leesburg to Purcellville portion of the WO&D Trail. There are fewer people than the eastern portion in Arlington and Fairfax and it’s mostly all bikes because access points are more spread out. The… Read More ›

What do you do?

I’ve been doing a lot of D.C-related research over the past few weeks and it’s been interesting. Some of you out there received an unofficial D.C survey from me…thanks to all of you who responded! As I go through everybody’s… Read More ›

Northside Social: Great Clarendon Hangout

It’s hard to describe exactly what kind of place Northside Social is. Independent hipster coffeehouse? Laid-back yuppie wine bar? Neighborhood hangout? All three? If Northside Social were located in another neighborhood it would probably be considered a hipster hangout – think garage-like… Read More ›

Orange Line Project

I’ve been trying to think of interesting things I can write about in my blog (besides myself…I think this is getting old and I’m just not that interesting) and got the idea the other day to do a sort of… Read More ›

Single in D.C: Now What?

So I am now definitely, unequivocally single and It’s time for me to delve into something I’ve never explored before: Dating in the D.C area. I left the leafy suburbs of northern Virginia for the higher (more polluted) altitudes of… Read More ›