The Urban Anthropologist Files


I was reading Slate the other day and came upon this article: The Wedding It’s a long article but I found it very touching. It’s a love story about two military guys who, despite traditional upbringings and previous straight relationships,… Read More ›

A Brief Introduction

As part of the initial planning phase of my Hometown Project, I’ve started doing a bit of Internet research into Centreville. Aside from current statistical information, there isn’t much information available. This leads me to believe that Centreville has never… Read More ›

A Day at the Tailor’s

Because I have only one pair of pants that currently fits me despite my recent frappaccino craze (yay unintended weight loss!), yesterday afternoon I hit the backstreets behind my apartment in search of a tailor. I unfortunately can’t afford to… Read More ›

Street Life

Like any major city worth mentioning, Bogota has an active and entertaining street life (and I don’t mean the pay-by-the-hour illicit type, although there’s plenty of that as well, if you’re interested). You can be perfectly entertained without entering a… Read More ›