Colombian boyfriend


I went to dinner with a few friends this past week, two of whom were leaving soon. My friend Francesca asked if I would miss all the compliments and “piropos” that are inherent to living in Colombia. The answer is… Read More ›


Because of final exams and papers, I took a break from blogging. The good news is that I’m officially done with my first semester of grad school! Just six semesters and two years of supervision to go and I’ll be… Read More ›

Me, the Volunteer.

Because I don’t actually have experience working in the mental health field and my grad degree is going to be in mental health counseling, I’ve decided that if I actually want to get a job in the field when I… Read More ›

Some Thoughts

(1) Life without electricity This morning the electrity went out for a few hours. And I noticed that it’s been a long time since I’ve done just one thing at a time. And let me tell you, it’s not very… Read More ›

My Monkey

Interesting facts of the week: (1) After surviving a nearly fatal bout of chorizo food poisoning/rum hang over, I felt great for a day then got an equally lethal cold. Except I’m still alive. I couldn’t tell my grandma because… Read More ›