Brown Rice and Red Lipstick

I have made the following observations over the last few weeks:

1.) Nobody seems to like brown rice. I for, one, certainly do not. And it seems like I’m not alone. At work we get it donated at least a dozen bags at a time and no one will take it even though it’s free…the fact that no one likes it is probably why it’s being donated in the first place.  If I suggest someone take home a few bags of brown rice, I get an angry scowl that says “You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding.”

As a rice connoisseur, I feel confident in saying that brown rice is not the new white rice. You see, as the child of foreigners, I take rice very seriously. Long-time, 100th generation Americans may not understand this, but rice is like my meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Just thinking about rice makes me happy. It’s been part of 99% of my dinner time meals for the last 28 years and a meal without it seems so sad and incomplete. But a meal with brown rice? That just makes my heart sink. It never turns out right, always tastes undercooked and isn’t as fluffy or delicious as white rice. I’ve accepted whole wheat bread, whole wheat tortillas even whole wheat pasta…but brown rice? No.  And I’ve really made an effort. I’ve told myself it’s healthier, I’ve told myself it just tastes different, but now I’ve just given up and accepted that I will never accept it.

So my question is, does anyone out there actually like brown rice? Because the thing is, the healthy organic crowd who would buy brown rice probably wouldn’t eat rice in first place. So who else is actually eating brown rice?

Sad, lonely brown rice, upside down.

Sad, lonely brown rice, upside down.

2.) Nobody wears red lipstick. I was walking around D.C last week when I noticed that nobody wears red lipstick. Actually, nobody seems to wear lipstick at all. I’ve lived in Colombia and I’ve been to Miami, so I know there are people out there in the world who wear lipstick, but these people just don’t seem to live in D.C.

My thoughts on red lipstick are very different from my thoughts on brown rice. I love red lipstick. But now I’m wondering if I’ve been walking around looking like Bozo the clown for the last year and a half. It was all fine and dandy when I was living in Colombia because red lipstick was the least bold part of many women’s looks, but here in Washington it seems lip gloss is the name of the game. I asked my sister, who I consider a fashion and makeup expert, why nobody wears red lipstick and she said, “It doesn’t look good on a lot of people.” Oh well. I won’t quit.

Me, wearing red lipstick.

Me, defiantly wearing red lipstick.

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11 replies

  1. I love brown rice. Take it over white any time unless it’s Basmati or Jasmine

  2. I actually like brown rice and dislike red lipstick, and think we are related:)

  3. I´m with Yohanna, brown rice takes longer to cook, but I think it tastes delicious. Maybe you are not cooking it enough?
    I think you look good in red lipstick but it is not for me.

  4. Don’t stop! Red is gorgeous, people just need to find the right red for them. I only use brown rice in soup… otherwise, yummy white rice for me!

  5. An interesting post, and I like that you’re sticking to your guns in the anti-brown rice and pro-red lipstick departments! ! My preference for rice type depends on what I am eating, for rice makes it into at least half of my weekly meals. I prefer sticky white rice for sushi, basmati with Indian, brown for stir fry (short grain, puh-leeeze!), and wild rice in soups or on salads. Rice is all kinds of goodness, and I don’t know that it gets the props it deserves. Thanks for shedding light on its excellence!

  6. Brown rice does always taste undercooked! You gotta get a rice cooker. It’s the only way.

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