Diet Time

As it usually goes when I go to the U.S, I put on some weight. I don’t know how it happens so fast, but it does. Even my boyfriend who likes curvaceous women asked me when I was going to start my diet. Because he is not exactly svelte himself, we look like a couple out of a  Botero painting come to life. So we´re going to invest in an elliptical machine.

Categories: Bogota, Colombia, Colombian men

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  1. If you could do it over would you still went out with the Colombian man? I started dating
    A Colombian man and quickly figured out he is bedding another ( I have not slept with him) while he is asking for my faithfulness.
    So I not expecting for faithful from him and I told him I make him no promises. We use google translate. I am a critical care RN and own my house so I don’t have much energy or time for pampering him. Thank you Laura

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