Unexpected Day off


I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring.

Monday was a snow day for me and, as it turns out, so is today. Not because my work was closed, but because I couldn’t get my car out of the parking lot. When I was living at home I got a little spoiled…my dad was always around to shovel me out or help me with any car-related difficulties. But this whole living on my own thing means I’m responsible for things like shoveling my way out of a snowstorm, getting maintenance done on my car and taking care of any unexpected issues that come up in my day-to-day life (though I admit I still do laundry at home…I figure why not do laundry while I’m visiting my parents??? I just can’t bring myself to pay $1.75 per load in my building’s laundromat when I can do laundry at home for free…at least free for me).

But back to the purpose of this post: This morning, I got up extra early because I knew it might take me a little longer than usual to get to work thanks to the icy conditions. So I bundled up, took the elevator down to the parking lot, put the key in the ignition and started backing out. Except nothing much happened. I’d get out about eight or ten feet, then get stuck, my tires spinning and making unpleasant, screechy-type sounds. So I tried again. And again. And again. Still, nothing happened. So I called my coworker to let him know I was having trouble getting out of my parking lot and he suggested I try putting kitty litter on the ice if I had any, which got me very excited because my roommate has a cat! So I ran upstairs, grabbed the kitty litter and made myself a kitty littler exit trail (I owe my roommate kitty litter now), got in the car, turned the car on, and tried again. And once again, nothing happened. I waited a while to see if the kitty litter would magically melt the ice but 20 minutes later, still, nothing. Finally, I had to call work and let them know I wouldn’t be coming in because I was incapable of getting my car out my parking lot.

I wasn’t pleased. I really only like taking days off if I’m going to be somewhere warm and exotic and the idea of taking a day off to sit around my apartment was making me feel pretty depressed’; it’s not like I have much accumulated leave (none, actually) but the whole getting the car out of the parking lot thing just wasn’t going to happen and it was time to admit defeat. My original idea was to watch some crime TV and go back to bed, but then I had a change of heart. I decided that if I had to take a day off work to hang out all alone at my apartment, it was going to be the most productive day in the history of me. So I made a very ambitious list of things to do (I even did a few extra things and wrote them on my list after I did them just so I could cross them out and feel even MORE productive…) and my day of indoor accomplishments began. I’m rarely productive or efficient outside of work, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now. What did I do today, you ask? Well, lots of things! For example:

1.) I treated myself to a nice, leisurely breakfast. I discovered that cottage cheese (my current favorite food in the world) tastes delicious with strawberry marmalade. That was one of many highlights of my day.

2.) I’ve been organizing my Facebook pictures and found this picture of myself:

I've never been thing, but I remember feeling really good when this picture was taken. Looking at pictures of myself from three or four years ago was a real motivator this morning!

I’ve never been thin, but I remember feeling really good when this picture was taken. Looking at pictures of myself from three or four years ago was a real gym motivator this morning.

My building has a gym but (of course) I’ve only been there once or twice. But today, rather than crawl back into bed with my Apple TV after seeing some old pictures of myself, I turned my phone Pandora station to Don Omar radio and hit the gym. I did some weight-lifting, the rowing machine, the bike, the treadmill and the elliptical so I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now. Kind of like a Crossfit champion, actually. I don’t know why I dread exercise so much; I spent a total of maybe 35, 40 minutes at the gym and felt great afterwards, so I really need to learn to make exercise a permanent part of my daily routine. Anyone have any ideas on how to stay motivated when it comes to exercise?

3.) Feeling pumped after leaving the gym, I decided it was time to take on two very unpleasant tasks: Cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom. So I turned my phone Pandora station to Celine Dion and spent the next couple hours on a clean to Celine kick. And the bathroom and kitchen look decent now. Not great because I’m not the world’s most meticulous cleaner, but good enough!

4.) Feeling like I deserved a break for all my hard work, I put some water in the electric kettle and took a Facebook/email break. But then, when I went to pour the water into the French press, my hands lost control of the kettle and boiling water exploded all over my lower body. I really don’t understand why my hands always lose control of things, but they do!  It was pretty painful and I’m probably going to have some blisters, but on a more positive note, there was enough water left in the kettle for my coffee.

5.) My original plan was to organize my bedroom after my mid-morning cup of coffee, but I felt I deserved a reward for getting burned, so I decided to walk over to Mom’s Organic Market to pick up a few things. Except it turns out the sidewalks are pretty icy and it was pretty treacherous. It was like climbing the icy part of Mount Everest minus the altitude, incline and wind. I thought about turning around when I was halfway there and it dawned on me that it probably wasn’t the smartest idea to go on a one mile walk when the sidewalks are covered in ice, but I felt too invested/committed to turn around at that point. So shortly thereafter I fell. Twice. Luckily, no one saw me because no one else was walking around (most people are too smart to go on a walk when the sidewalks are covered on ice).  Another positive thing about the falls was that I fell on the same side I burned myself, so maybe the icy cold fall/boiling water burn will cancel each other out? Anyhow, I finally made it to Mom’s Organic Market, spent too much money on too little food and then stopped by El Paisa, a little Latin convenience store right by my apartment, where I picked up some frozen pulp to make smoothies.

Look what I picked up at the Latin Market! So excited to make smoothies!

Look what I picked up at the Latin Market! So excited to make smoothies!

6.) So here I am at 4:30, the time I would’ve normally gotten off work, and I’m feeling pretty good about my day off. I have class at six so that should give me plenty of time to organize my room, vacuum and dust (yes, I’m going to dust!). This is probably one of the most boring and unnecessary posts ever, but I’m feeling so impressed with myself that I feel an uncontrollable need to  brag about my productive day. I don’t think I’d mind being a stay at home person at all. I’d find plenty to do.

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  1. I share your distaste of unplanned days off. But you certainly made the most of it!

    I’ve found that the best motivation for eating healthy and exercising are pictures of yourself (like the one you posted) from a time and place where you felt really, really good about how you looked. Coupled with a picture of my next vacation destination, it’s a great motivator especially during the winter months when there’s not as much motivation from the weather!

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